Monday, December 2, 2013

Winter is coming....

An earlier storm provided just a couple inches.  Closing the tarp in the doors
keeps it attached to the car so it covers the missing rear window.
But this next storm isn't kidding around; the tarp has to go.
Word on the street is that an honest-to-goodness named winter storm is bearing down on us.   In a day or two, we expect 6-10" of snow and daily high temperatures around 10 Fahrenheit.  Our salad days of November shirtsleeve driveway sessions are coming to an end.

The storm's harbinger has been 50+mph wind, which set the tarp on my poor Spitfire flapping more than I could bear to watch. And our steel roof tends to dump piles of snow onto the driveway right about where the Spit sits, so a tarp probably isn't going to cut it any longer.  

I'm still waiting for the replacement window I sourced via a fellow forum user at The Triumph Experience.  Sure would have been nice to get that glass installed before the storm hit, but that's not in the cards.  So I looked for a plan B.  

The best idea I could come up with on short notice was a piece of scrap plywood cut to sit a little outside the window opening, taped in place with duct tape and sheet plastic.  It should be weather-tight, and solid enough to withstand the snow we're expecting.  It's ugly, but not as ugly as having the back half of the car covered in a faded, flapping poly tarp.  At least now I can see the car's lines.

When the window arrives, we'll pull this wart off and see what violence the duct tape does to the paint.... 

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